Kto ya

So, who am I?..

Hi. I’ll try to tell something about yourself, but because self-presentation isn’t an easy thing, do not wait something amazing from me)

IRL my name is Sergey. Nothing in common whth sir gay. But in Internet I’m hiding under nickname PolarWolf. And sometimes PolarWooolf. And others. I’m software developer. I’m 21 y.o. I’m working in an outsource software company. I’m teamlead.

For my 21 years I have had a lot of where to be noted: a long long time ago I developed webMCRex engine and «Metrostroi» site (Alas, I was kicked from the project team on a rather bad note, and was removed from its history, but like a proof there are sources).

Now i’m working on a new project - CSTLeague: we are trying to make a CIS cybersport a bit better. You can know me as a broadcast director, developer, commentator and more g-d knows whom.


Despite the fact that it’s very difficult for me to collect and describe my experience, I’ll try to do that. Here you will not find an objective view of things - completely the subjectivity and my grafomania. But I’m ready to discuss about your opinion - to leave comments you need only to have a GitHub account.

However, I do not tolerate illiteracy. We are intellectuals, and let’s try to communicate without mistakes. If I made a mistake somewhere, feel free to correct =)

Why do I need all this? I nave no idea… I love to help others. And share my expirience.

Let’s talk!

You can talk with me in Telegram or Twitter or right here, in comments.